• With Mudanzas Lorenzana we put at your fingertips the biggest technical innovations in the field of removals, such as the tallest mountable ladder in Seville and the only pianoplan in Seville, for the transfer of pianos and safes.
  • Mudanzas Lorenzana has all kinds of materials for the realization of your move in Seville, such as, portable closets for clothes hanging, metal or cardboard, covers for mattresses and sofas of all sizes, plastic bubble, boxes Wood made to measure, etc …
  • In order to move in Seville, they must always demand a civil liability insurance and another that covers the possible damages of the merchandise from its origin to the final destination. Mudanzas Lorenzana will give you a copy of both insurance at the beginning of your move in Seville.
  • Mudanzas Lorenzana also has a furniture repository with 24 hour surveillance, fire protection systems, burglary and flood and also has the sanitary certificate, making your move from Seville to our facilities is carried out with the greatest confidence.
  • We are a Sevillian moving company that has trucks of various capacities (from 5 m3 to 100 m3) with closed box, air suspension and lifting platform to make your move in Seville in the most comfortable and safe. We also have ISO quality and environmental certification.
Almacenas y distribucion - Mudanzas Lorenzana Sevilla

Special Services

Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular needs, Lorenzana’s team takes care of all your logistics.

What makes us special?

The most sophisticated technical means

The most modern and largest staircase in Andalusia.
Height of 14 floors. Save the biggest obstacles.
Caterpillar climbs stairs PIANOPLAN 600 Kg.

Direct and combined removals throughout Spain and the rest of the world

Theaters and exhibitions.
Pianos, safes, etc.
Capiton vehicles.
Industrial machinery.

Furniture with total guarantee

24 hour surveillance.
Health Guarantee.

Special packaging

Packing of bubbles.

We make very economical moves

Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote